Welcome to Slow Serbian

The slowly spoken Serbian podcast

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my new project - Slow Serbian. In the coming weeks I'll start releasing some podcasts here to help you get used to hearing Serbian spoken, slow enough to listen along, and about interesting things in Serbia that you might already be familiar with (e.g. Serbian barbecue food and the nightlife), or might be news to you (e.g. Dan Državnosti, which was on February 15). Currently I'm working on the first podcast and that will be ready soon, and keep tuned for some related projects that I'm working on - one is a basic vocabulary list of about 800 words that are all very useful from day one, and another is an app that will help you get used to some common situations and get you speaking functional Serbian like a native!

Thanks for dropping by, and I'll update you again soon :)


  1. Great! I've been looking forward to your first podcast! I've been learning the Grammar with SlowSerbian Grammar App,. It is amazing! Keep doing the great job! Greetings from Austira. Sylvia

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