The Slow Serbian wordlist

Sve što ti treba

If you've learned other languages, you'll know that one of the hardest parts with getting started is having a good enough vocabulary to hold a conversation. Perhaps you don't know the word for "spider", but you could describe it as "a little thing with 8 legs". If you're at the supermarket and buying some cheese or meat, it's useful to be able to ask for "this one" or "the one on the left", whether you want it in thin or thick slices, and how big a piece you want.

This wordlist aims to give you a basic list of words that can help you in any situation. As you progress with learning Serbian, you'll want to know a few thousand more words, but this list is going to be very useful to start with.

Currently it is still under development, so please feel free to comment if you find anything weird or just plain incorrect. When it's complete it should have around 800 words, and if you can learn them all you'll be well on your way to fluency.

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PS: If you're wondering, "sve što ti treba" means "everything you need", and it's the advertising slogan for Plazma, a very popular brand of biscuits in Serbia.


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